How To Activate 1.2GB For 200 Naira On Glo Sunday Data Plan

Glo Nigeria is full of surprises this time around with various low data offers like this one I will be sharing with you How To Activate 1.2GB For 200 Naira On Glo Sunday Data Plan.

Heres all you need to know about the new Sunday Data Plan On Glo

What are the Major highlights of the Glo SUNDAY Data plan?

  1. Sunday Plan is particularly designed for people who would like to use more data on a weekend Sunday
  2. This plans offers the highest value for money for a one day plan

Can the customer purchase this plan only on a Sunday??


  1. The customer can purchase the plan on any day of the week
  2. The customer will be able to use the plan only on the subsequent Sunday
  3. For e.g if the customer purchases the plan on a Wednesday, he would be able to use the volume only on the coming Sunday

Is this plan available to all customers?

Yes. This plan can be purchased/used by any existing or new GLO customer


How do I get this new plan?

Plan can be purchased by dialing *777# for plan menu and selecting Night and Weekend option. This plan can also be purchased at
this plan will also work on any compatible device

Will my unused volume on Sunday plan get carried forward?

No, the unused volume on the Sunday plan does not get carried forward.



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