How To Create An Opera News Hub Account And Make Money Writing For Opera

In this article you will learn How To Create An Opera News Hub Account And Make Money Writing For Opera.
For people who do not know about Opera news, the Opera News platform is a news/media app which provides latest news on a wide range of topics. Opera news is widely used in various part of the world including, Nigeria, Kenya and so on.
But, do you know you can make money writing for opera news hub as an author in Nigeria? Yes, any you get paid before the end of the following month. Let’s see how to get started with opera news hub account creation and also how to make money from the platform.

How Does Opera News Hub Work?

Well, for short you can say that, opera news hub is a news publication platform that gives writers the opportunity to make money while doing what they love best, which is writing.

Does Opera News Hub Pay?

The answer to this is definitely YES opera news hub pays, infact there is no limit to what you can earn,  I will also be sharing a payment screenshot with you below.

How does opera news hub pay?

They pay directly to your Opay account which you have specified on your dashboard. As stated earlier, payment is done before the end of the following month, but we will still shade more light on that.

How Do I Create An Opera News Hub Account?

To create an account and become an opera news hub creator, just follow these few steps which I have carefully outlined below.
STEP 1: Follow this link to visit opera news hub creator page. Once on the page, If you are on mobile you should see two login options (Gmail and facebook) But for PC, you will see a red button with the word ‘Login/ SignUp’. Chose the one you prefer and click. See screenshot below:
How To Create An Opera News Hub Account And Make Money Writing For Opera
Opera news hub mobile/PC version
STEP 2: Once you are logged in with either your facebook account or Gmail, you will be redirected to a new page.
While on the next page you will be required to confirm your login information and registering your details to Opera News.
There are three stages associated with this step, they include:
  1. Login account confirmation
  2. Account information
  3. Author Information
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You will have to complete these easy steps before you can move to the final phase.

NOTE: Wemedia name this the username associated with your account. And your Opay Account Number is the phone number you used in opening your Opay account. Please fill your opay details correctly as this is the means of receiving your payment. You can edit your Opay number anytime, from your dashboard.

STEP 4: The final phase, after filling all details successfully, you will be automatically redirected to your dashboard. Then you wait for approval.
Approval only takes a few hours or in most cases minutes.
Here’s how to link your Opay account to from your dashboard:
On mobile: Click on your Image icon at the top right corner of your dashboard and scroll down to Opay.
On PC: Navigate to ACCOUNT and locate Opay account.

Opera News Hub Earnings

Starting from April, the main factors of payment strategy for Opera news hub were “content clicks”, “content quality”, “article creation”, and “reading time”.
Let’s focus on content clicks, per click on your article is equal to ₦0.036.
100 clicks = ₦3.6
1,000 clicks = ₦36
10,000 clicks = ₦360
25,000 clicks = 2.5 x 360 = ₦900.
With these payment structure, you can make a low as ₦50,000 per month. Do you have mix feelings, take a look at this payment screenshot.
How To Create An Opera News Hub Account And Make Money Writing For Opera
Opera News Hub Payment Screenshot

Final words

I hope you have been able to learn How To Create An Opera News Hub Account And Make Money Writing For Opera.
This is a very good avenue to put your writing skills to use.

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