I Turned My Phone Into Something Cool Being at Home

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Bored at home and need a project? Okay, when was the last time you made DIY things? Grab your best friend in the whole wide world – yes, your phone – and try some fun and useful DIYs! Cups, bottles, toilet paper, hair clips – you won’t need much to turn your phone into something incredible!

You can make a DIY phone stand with binder clips. You can make another quick cheap phone holder with… toilet paper! (Just don’t throw away the roll when the paper runs out). You can also make a cheap stereo with two paper cups and – again – a toilet paper roll. Or make a DIY smartphone projector for movie night!


  1. How to turn your smartphone into a lamp 0:54
  2. How to make a cheap stereo 1:29
  3. … or a projector for movie night! 1:47
  4. Turn your regular cable into a coiled one 3:01
  5. Make your own bumper case 3:16
  6. Decorate your headphones 4:06
  7. How to keep your earphones organized 4:53
  8. Use a drop of water as a macro lens 5:37
  9. Some tips to make your battery last longer 6:33
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