You Touch Your Phone 2600 Times A Day And Don’t Even Notice

Brightside is at it again with another inspiring video on how You Touch Your Phone 2600 Times A Day And Don’t Even Notice.

Fewer people worldwide have a toothbrush than a cellphone. There’s a special word to describe the fear of losing your smartphone: nomophobia. An average person is online for 24 hours a week — that’s 1/7th of their life. By 2027, there will be over 40 billion smart devices on the planet. That’s 5 times the number of people.

In 2009, almost no one used mobile phones to browse the Internet, and everyone sat at their desktop computers. 10 years later, more than half of the Internet users are going mobile. Yup, gadgets have dominated our lives in more ways than you imagine. Today, we’re gonna put it all in perspective. And yes, there will be a lot of numbers.

Play and enjoy

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