All You Need To Know About Having Antivirus Software On iPhone

In this article, you will learn All You Need To Know About Having An Antivirus Software On iPhone.

Does iphone need antivirus? Well, just like every other device a lot of people think the best way to protect themselves against threats is by installing an antivirus software. This is quite different for iPhone and iPads users, because Apple has made sure an antivirus software is not needed on iphone.

Basically, for an antivirus software to be able to perform it’s task, it needs full access to the entire system which will enable the software detect and scan for viruses, but the iOS platform limits access to the system.

The iOS treats any antivirus software or “security” app just like any other app on your iPhone, because they are forced to run on the same sandbox. This means the software won’t even be able see a list of apps which makes the detection of malware impossible.

How do I keep my iPhone protected without antivirus?

You don’t really need antivirus on iphone because the system already has some integrated security features that protect your device at all times.

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The Apple’s iOS only installs app which can be found on the App Store, and these apps have already been checked for malware and other security threats. The iPhone is programmed in such a way that, if a malware is detected the system immediately gets rid of the app for maximum security.

One of many features which can be found on the iPhone is the Safari browser’s “fraudulent website warning” feature, which gives you a notification when ever you can come across a phishing website seeking your personal information.

To check if this feature is enabled, navigate to Settings, and then Safari from here find the “Fraudulent website warning” option under Privacy & Security.

There is always need to stay updated with the latest version of iOS as this will be more secure than the previous version.

Final words

The antivirus software is not needed on your iPhone and iPads. we hope you were able to learn something new from this article.


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