All You Need To Know About Google’s Storage Policy, Check Google Account Storage

All You Need To Know About Google's Storage Policy, Check Google Account Storage

In this article we will cover All You Need To Know About Google’s Storage Policy, and how to Check your Google Account Storage.

Google has announced it’s new account storage policy which is said to be effective from 1 June 2021. How well do you understand this policy and it’s effect to your Gmail, Photos or Drive documents.

All You Need To know About Google’s Storage Policy

According to Google this policy will not only apply to Photos, but also Gmail, Google Drive (including Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms and Jamboard files), this is how the policy works.

Google offers a free storage capacity of up to 15GB per Google Account, and this storage is shared across Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, etc. The company are simply saying that if you exceed your storage limit(15gb free storage) and doesn’t upgrade for two years, all you contents across Google services will be deleted.

Your contents will also be deleted if you are inactive on the Google services (Gmail, Drive or Photos) for two years (24 months). In this case, it’s only the service(s) where your that will be delete/affected.

The good news is this, the new policy takes effect 1 June 2021, and two years from that time will be 1 June 2023 so you have time to either upgrade to a higher storage unit or clean up your storage.

How To Check Google Account Storage

Checking the used storage on your Google account is not a difficult task, just follow the steps below to see your available storage unit.

1. Visit Google One here.

2. Navigate to Storage (on your mobile browser tap the menu icon at the top of screen and select “Storage”).

That’s all.

Final words

Google will notify you when your storage starts getting close to the 15GB free storage mark. If you have large file in your Drive etc, it is advisable to check your Google Account Storage once in a while.



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