How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat Backup from iPhone to Android

 If you are finding it difficult to Transfer your WhatsApp chat Backup from your iPhone to Android device then this guide is for you.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat Backup from iPhone to Android

Mobile users often face a lot of difficulty when switching to a newer device mainly because of the level of file backups which make the job almost impossible. Another limitation can be switching documents between operating systems like iOS and Android.

WhatsApp on the other hand, allows users to keep their account information including profile photo, name, about, individual chats, group chats, and settings when switching to a different operating system. But this doesn’t include chat history which is very important to most users who need to keep track of their business conversations.

This article will guide you on how to switch your from iPhone to Android and still have your WhatsApp chat back up.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat Backup from iPhone to Android

Follow the steps below to move WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to Android.

1. First, Open the WhatsApp app on your iPhone, swipe left on the chat that you wish to export.

2. Click on More from the menu that appears, and proceed to select the Export Chat option.

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3. From the Share menu, select the option for Mail and share the file to the email address that you will have access to on your Android phone.

4. Then from the Android phone, open the email and Download the chat file attached in the mail. Please note that you will have to follow this step for for each chat that you need to transfer from your iPhone to Android.

5. The next step is to delete and reinstall WhatsApp on your Android phone if you have already it installed. Then when running the app again, select the Restore option to complete the setup. Click on Next.

6. That’s all, you should see all your exported chats on your Android phone.

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