How to Borrow Airtime and Data for Friends and Family with Glo Borrow For Others

 If you have ever needed to Borrow Airtime and Data for Friends and Family as a Glo customer, then this is now possible with the “Borrow For Others” on the Borrow – Me Credit service.

Globacom has once again announced the launch of a service which will be beneficial its customers. This service gives active Glo prepaid subscribers who meet the eligibility criteria the ability to Borrow Airtime or Data for Friends and Family.

How to Borrow Airtime and Data for Friends and Family with Glo Borrow For Others

How to qualify for Glo borrow for others? Well, for a Glo customer to qualify for this service they must have been on the network for at least 3 months with active usage history.

How To Borrow Credit or Data for Others on Glo

To use the “Borrow For Others” service on your Glo line, all you need to do is dial the USSD code *777# or *321#.

Follow the steps below to borrow credit for others on Glo with *777# code:

  1. Dial *777# on your Glo line.
  2. Enter 9 for borrow credit or data
  3. Enter 4 for “Borrow credit for other”
  4. You will see the amounts you can borrow
  5. Enter the number next to the amount you want to borrow and tap send
  6. Enter the phone number of the recipient
  7. Tap SEND
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Note that a service charge of 15% apply to every amount you borrow for others and this will be be recovered during your next recharge.

How Can I Repay Airtime or Data Borrowed from Glo?

Repaying your loan is very important because you will not be able to access the Service until you have settled your previous amount owed, and this can also affect how often the service options made available are increased on your line.

You can decide to manually repay your Glo loan by dialing *321*9*9#

Note: You have 72hours to repay your loan after which any airtime you load will be automatically taken to settle your outstanding loan.

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