How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From Google Photos

I will be sharing with you, how to recover permanently deleted photos from google photos.

Google Photos is one of those Google services which is available to mobile users whose devices run the Android OS. The platform is one of the most preferred cloud storage options for backing up your photos and videos with ease and without those in-app ads which can be found on Google Play Store.

Google Photos work by neatly separating your contents into different categorises based on faces, places, time, and several other album options. Another Google photos feature which comes in handy, is the “Trash Folder” which works by storing deleted files on the Google Photos app for a period of 60 days before they are erased permanently from the device.

Can I recover deleted photos from google photos after 60 days? Well, it’s possible to recover photos and videos after they are gone, but this process can only be possible when you enable the Back Up and Sync feature on your app.

What is Back Up and Sync?

Back up and sync feature basically act as a storage service which automatically uploads your photos and videos to your specified Google Account even after they must have been permanently removed from your Android phone.

Benefits of Back Up and Sync

This feature basically comes with a lot of advantages especially when switching between operating systems and mobile devices as you can download your backup files at any time with the help of automatic sync.

Can I Access My Backed Up Photos?

You can easily access your Backed Up photos and videos when you are logged into your account from any device.

How to Enabled and Disable Automatic Backup on Google Photos

Follow the steps below to enable or disable the automatic backup feature on Google Photos app with your Android phone or tablet.

1. Make sure you are Signed in to your Google Account.

2. Open Google Photos App and tap your account profile photo or initial at the top right corner of your screen.

3. From here click “Turn on Backup” and then select photo quality afterwards click confirm.

That’s all, can now recover permanently deleted photos from google photos even after the 60 days period. If you would like to recover your photos from Trash folder before the 60 days period, follow the steps below.

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Google Photos Trash Folder

1. While on Google Photos app click on “Library”and then go to “Trash”.

2. Select photos you will like to restore and click on restore.

In a situation where you have permanently deleted your photos without a backup, then there are different photo recovery apps on play store which you can try out.



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