LifePoints Review: Make More Than $40 Monthly By Completing Surveys Online

20211203 124948 LifePoints Review: Make More Than $40 Monthly By Completing Surveys Online

In more recent years, the internet has become a marketplace where individuals earn a living or make additional money for completing simple tasks. In this article, you will learn about LifePoints and how possible it is to make more than $40 extra a month by completing surveys online.

What is LifePoints?

LifePoints is an online platform that rewards over 5 million members for completing surveys and other activities like product testing and behavior tracking.

The platform was created by a global research and analysis firm known as Lightspeed. LifePoints is for those who are looking for an extra income from online surveys.

How to make money on LifePoints

As stated above, LifePoints is an online survey platform that rewards its users for giving honest reviews. Aside from taking surveys, here are other ways of making money on LifePoints:

Signing Up

You’ll earn 10 LifePoints when you join the platform and verify your email address, and then another 10 when you answer a few questions about your household to match you to survey opportunities.

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The reward rate for each survey varies. You can get offers as low as 60 points and as high as 350 points depending on the length of the surveys.

Product Testing

After signing up for LifePoints, you might occasionally get updates on products to test at home and subsequently review.

Recording Behaviors

This can come as an email from LifePoints as a form of member behavior diary, which asks users to keep track of how often they do certain things.

How to join LifePoints and make money online

To start making money from LifePoints, you have to first create an account. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. First, visit the LifePoints registration page.
  2. Provide you details with a valid email address
  3. Right after filling in your details, you’ll receive a verification email. Verify your account by following the details found in the email.
  4. After verification, complete your profile and start taking surveys.

From the LifePoints dashboard, you will find a wide variety of surveys, product tests, polls, and diaries on different topics like health, leisure, politics, and more.

Is LifePoints legit or scam?

Yes, LifePoints is a legitimate online survey platform that is available to anyone over the age of 14 with access to the internet. LifePoints offers flexible redemption options. After accumulating points, you can choose between several popular withdrawal options, like gift cards (Amazon, Groupon, iTunes, and more), a PayPal credit, or a charitable donation.

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Unlike SwagBucks, the platform has fewer offers, which means there are fewer opportunities to earn money. LifePoints is not meant for impatient people or people who are expecting large amounts of money from paid survey sites.

This is because these platforms help you make a few extra dollars, but you have a low chance of getting rich from them.


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