How to Download and Use Opera’s New Crypto Browser for Windows, Mac, and Android

Opera has launched a dedicated Crypto Browser Project that has been built with the new generation of the internet known as Web3, and in this article you will learn how to download Opera’s new Crypto Browser on your device.

If you have been searching for a browser that has an integrated Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain wallet, alongside Crypto News security features, then the Crypto Browser is what you need.

You can also enjoy decentralized apps (dApps), cryptocurrency and NFT exchange shortcuts, and your own non-custodial wallet where you can send and receive crypto.

You can easily backup your wallet by taking note of your 12-word phrase, which is a little bit similar to Trust Wallet and some other platforms.

How to Download Opera’s Crypto Browser

For Android

To download the Crypto Browser on your Android device, you will have to visit the Google Play Store here.

For Windows

To download the Crypto Browser on your Windows PC, visit Opera’s official download page here.

For Mac

To download the Crypto Browser on your Mac device, visit Opera’s official download page here.

How to Use Opera’s Crypto Browser

The app is a little bit similar to some popular crypto exchanges on the internet, but with added features. You can decide to use the wallet option by clicking the “Wallet icon” in the browser.

You can either create a new wallet or login to your existing wallet with your 12-word phrase.

The app has all the features that allow any individual to easily do research on any crypto asset and security settings like “Cryotocurrency mining protection.” To view all settings, tap on the “Settings icon” and make your changes.

That’s all. Check out some screenshots of Opera’s Crypto Browser from an Android device below.



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