How To Get Verified On OpenSea: Complete Guide

In this guide, we will be going into detail on how to get the verified blue check mark on your OpenSea NFT collection.

If you have been consistent with some top NFT collections and celebrities, then you will notice a blue check mark on these accounts, which signifies that these are their main accounts.

Before you can get verified on OpenSea, you first need an OpenSea account. You can check out my beginner’s guide on how to mint your own NFT on OpenSea. If you already have an NFT collection, then you can continue reading this article.

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The picture above is the CryptoPunks NFT collection, and you can see how authentic the blue tick has made the account. If this is your goal, then you will need to meet some requirements before you can be considered.


Requirements for OpenSea Verification

Here are some of the minimum requirements you’ll need to meet on OpenSea before you get verified.

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  1. Your NFT collection must have sold or bought one or more NFTs within the past three months.
  2. You must have an email address configured.
  3. You must have a profile picture and a banner configured.
  4. You must not have been previously restricted for violating OpenSea’s terms of service.
  5. To apply for an OpenSea verification, you must be at least 18 years old.


Four Types of Accounts That Can Be Verified on OpenSea


1. Public figures: These accounts are operated by individuals or companies that are notable in art, entertainment, technology, music, sports, gaming, news, politics, or activism. These accounts are officially endorsed by an underlying notable entity.

2. Accounts that have already been verified on any well-known social media platform.

3. Accounts containing unusually noteworthy artistic, technical, or social innovations or merit (e.g., Robness)

4. Accounts with an urgent and unusually severe fraud risk (e.g., Budweiser, Damien Hirst)

How to get verified on OpenSea

Follow the steps below to get verified on OpenSea.

  1. First, navigate to your Profile settings.
  2. Next, find the “Apply for verification” heading at the top of the page.
  3. Finally, click Submit request after you must’ve completed your profile.
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That’s all. After you’ve submitted your application, you’ll need to wait at least seven days for OpenSea to review your submission.

The blue tick should be visible next to your OpenSea profile or collection if your request was successful.



This process will not take long if you meet all the requirements mentioned above. This is because the blue checkmarks are reserved for collections created by high-profile public figures or organizations with a high trading volume of 100 ETH or more.

In order to be considered for verification, you also need to have all collection items revealed.


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