How to Record Screen on Windows 10 for Free

In this guide, you will learn how to record a screen on Windows 10 for free.

Have you ever wanted to record your screen in Windows 10, but don’t know the right steps to follow? This article will guide you through how to accomplish this for free without having to install a third-party app on your Windows PC.

This is because Windows 10 comes pre-installed with the screen recording utility called the Xbox Game Bar. This bar allows you to record a video of the activities on your Windows screen, and recent updates now allow this screen recording tool to also take screenshots.

How to Record the Screen on Windows 10 for Free

Follow the simple steps below to learn how to record the screen on Windows 10 for free:

  1. First, open the app you want to record.
  2. Next, press the Windows key + G at the same time, and this will open the Game Bar.
  3. Whether you are screen recording a game or another app, you’ll need to select “Yes, this is a game” from the checkbox to load the Game Bar.
  4. Now, you can click on the Start Recording button, or use a combination of Windows key + Alt + R to start recording your screen.
  5. Finally, when you are done recording, you can click on the red recording bar at the top right to stop the recording.
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That’s it. The recorded videos are stored in the Videos folder inside a subfolder called Captures in MP4 format.

The screen recording feature might not work with certain programs like File Manager, or the entire desktop, but it works perfectly with regular desktop apps, mainly those from the Windows Store.

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