28 Most Profitable YouTube Niches With High CPM in 2023

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In this article, you will learn about some of the most profitable YouTube niches with high-paying CPM for massive earnings on your channel.

If you are looking to start a YouTube channel, the first thing you should do if you want to earn money from Adsense is to find a niche with a high CPM. Creating YouTube content about your passion is cool, but that’s as long as you are not too concerned about the money aspect.

If you are planning to turn your YouTube channel into a real business and earn a reliable income over a long period of time, then you don’t want to waste your time putting lots of effort into making videos that would end up giving you no income.

You need to also understand that finding a niche with a high CPM rate doesn’t mean your entire channel should be about that niche. You can simply talk about them in specific videos, and you’ll get paid more from Youtube Ads for those video.

28 Most Profitable YouTube Niches With High CPM

The amount you will earn from your YouTube videos solely depends on the amount advertisers are willing to pay. This means that the higher the bid from the advertisers, the higher CPM your video will get. Here is a list of the 15 most expensive niches for advertisers.

The higher the bid from the advertisers, the higher the CPM your video will get. Here is the full list of the most expensive niches for advertisers:

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Niche Low Bid High Bid
Email Marketing $14.55 $50.0
Insurance $15.63 $49.52
Sell House $10.87 $47.31
Website Hosting $13.6 $39.86
Ecommerce Software $9.22 $33.29
Donate $5.16 $32.36
Lawyer $5.74 $24.43
Credit Card $6.75 $20.3
Attorney $4.67 $20.29
E Commerce $7.26 $17.99
Mortgage $5.45 $16.21
Seo $3.38 $15.3
Online Business $2.88 $15.25
Vpn $2.73 $14.5
Loans $4.19 $13.22
Cryptocurrency $2.26 $11.94
Drop Shipping $2.5 $11.82
Home Repair $3.44 $11.04
Weight Loss $2.55 $9.98
Content Creation $2.91 $9.73
Credit $2.01 $9.67
Career Advice $2.53 $9.16
Auto Repair $3.0 $8.87
Degree $2.22 $8.63
Trading $1.6 $7.18
Personal Finance $2.26 $6.97
Invest $1.48 $6.74
Software $1.74 $6.72

Low Bid: This is the lowest amount an advertiser has to pay to have their ads shown in an ad spot. So if your niche is insurance-related, you’ll get as low as $15 for ads on your content.

High Bid: This is the highest amount an advertiser has to pay to have their ads shown in an ad spot.

If your content is focused on any of these niches, you will probably have higher CPMs in your videos. The list is endless, but we are focusing on some of the most profitable.

How to check if a niche has a high CPM using Google Keyword Planner

  1. First, go to the Google Keyword Planner tool and sign in.
  2. Then, click on “discover new keywords.”
  3. Type in your keyword and choose your country.
  4. Finally, in the results, you should be able to see an estimate of how much the advertiser has to pay just to display the ad once or per click.

That’s all. The higher this value, the more CPM you should have for that keyword.

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What makes a niche have a higher CPM?

There are different factors that can determine how high or low a CPM can be. If you look at the list above, you will notice that these niches are closely related. Here are some factors that affect CPM.

1. Industries with lots of money and demand.

Basically, niches with the best rates are mostly those that are highly profitable for businesses because they are in high demand and there is lots of potential to make money.

For example, some of the most competitive markets out there are:

  • Health
  • Makeup
  • Financial
  • Relationship advise and dating
  • Technology

These markets come with different subniches that also have high CPMs.

2. Geographic location.

Location is also a ranking factor when it comes to CPM. This is mostly because YouTube charges advertisers that target people from the highest-ranking countries more than they charge for viewers who live in lower-ranked countries.

For example, you can get paid more if your target audience is from the USA than if they are from an impoverished country.

3. Ad watch time.

The amount you will earn depends on how long a viewer watches your ads. Some ads come with a skip button that allows viewers to simply skip the advertisement. If the ad is not viewed for a certain amount of time, then the ad doesn’t count against the advertiser, which means you won’t get paid. You can check out the article on ways to make money on YouTube even without Adsense.

4. How many of your video views are showing advertisements

It is important to note that not every viewer of course your video will get an ad. So, you are not going to be paid if there’s no ad attached to a specific individual viewing your video.

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This is because most of the time, there are fewer advertisers on some types of videos, and advertisers have the opportunity to choose the specific types of videos they want their ads attached to.


These are the most profitable YouTube niches with high CPM in 2023. You can try out any of the niches listed above and compare the CPM on your account.

You should also note that you should have been approved for the YouTube monetization feature before you can get paid for ads on your videos.



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