6 Best Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube for Free

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In this guide, you will learn some of the top 6 best ways to get more subscribers on YouTube for free.

Many individuals who own a YouTube account always dream of making money with their channel, but this can only be possible if you have at least 1,000 subscribers, which is the minimum requirement for the YouTube Partner program.

Which ever business you want to use your channel for, you first need to get lots of subscribers to your channel.

This article will explain how to get real people to subscribe to your YouTube channel using legitimate strategies that are healthy for your audience and channel.

6 Best Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube for Free

Use the strategies below to legitimately convert your viewers to subscribers and grow your channel exposure.

1. Build community

The best way to get your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel is to form a friendship with them by engaging more with them. You can do this by replying to or liking their comments, or even following their channels back.

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It is easier to get subscribers by forming a community of peers and promote each other. Especially when you have received comments from a famous YouTube channel.

2. Professional branding

Another best way to get more YouTube subscribers is to create professional looking channel branding.

The first places your potential subscribers will see when they view your channel is your banner art. You can create a clean and compelling banner art that depicts your channel niche.

Next will be to update your channel icon and description, and this essentially means your logo on YouTube and the texts that appears on the About page of your channel.

Another professional branding technique will be setting up a custom URL for your channel. This will make your channel stand out and look professional.

You can change your channel to a custom URL in YouTube Studio, by going to Customization in the left menu, then click Basic Info > Channel URL.

The option to claim a custom URL will only become available when you get at least 100 subscribers.

3. Ask your viewers to subscribe

You can always remind viewers to to like and subscribe to your videos. But this doesn’t mean you should continuously tell viewers to subscribe to your channel from the beginning of your video to the end.

This could just be a quick reminder to subscribe at the end of your video for them to see future videos and stay in touch. Also mention why your channel is worth subscribing to.

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4. Branded video thumbnails

A YouTube video thumbnail is about 1280 x 720px and serves as a cover for your video. This is more like a poster viewers see before they open your videos.

This is basically another form of channel branding that makes it easier to identify your videos when you use the same font, color palette, or even frame composition.

5. Run a contest

If you you have some money to spare, then you might consider running a contest on your channel where the winner gets a prize. You can get subscribers by asking your viewers to subscribe and turn on notifications to participate.

6. Share on Social Media and Keywords research

You can promote your YouTube channel and videos on other popular social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and so on. This is easier if you already have an established community of fans on these social media platforms.

This method will work best after you have carried out keyword research on your video titles, descriptions, and hashtags.

The chances of your videos being found on search engines like Google increase when you how YouTube SEO works and some high search volume keywords related to your niche.

Bonus: Verify your Google account

Verifying your Google account grants you access to additional features such as the ability to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, live stream, add custom thumbnails, and appeal Content ID claims.

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You can verify your account by going to www.youtube.com/verify on your device.


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