AirPods Are Not Charging? Best Ways to Fix the Problem

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In this guide, you’ll learn what to do when your AirPods are not charging, or not connecting at all.

You’re probably reading this article because your AirPods or AirPods Pro are not charging. We’ll guide you through some of the methods that will fix this problem either for the left, right, or both AirPods.

Why Are My AirPods Not Charging?

You don’t need to panic if your AirPods suddenly stop charging. There are different reasons that can cause your AirPods to not charge, and some of these reasons are:

  • Something might be blocking the contact points of the AirPods case.
  • Your case charging port is blocked or damaged.
  • There is a software issue.
  • The AirPods case is dead.
  • The AirPods are damaged.

For whatever reason your AirPods have refused to charge, we’ll be going through the available solutions that’ll fix the problem.

What to Do When AirPods Are Not Charging?

Follow some of the troubleshooting steps below to help get your AirPods charged and working again.

1. Charge the AirPods in Case

You can only charge your AirPods in the specified case that comes prepackaged with the AirPod. It is possible that you might have forgotten to put your Airpods in the case while charging them.

You should make sure to check if the light comes on while charging. If it does, then there is nothing wrong with your AirPods because the light indicates that they are charging. If the light doesn’t come on, then something is wrong somewhere and you should proceed to the next method.

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2. Check if it is Connected Properly

The next thing you should do is make sure that your AirPods are making contact with the charging case. We mean to make sure the small shiny silver tip is positioned properly on the specified ports.

If they are not connected properly, then your AirPods will not charge. In most cases, the AirPod case will not close properly if you have not inserted them properly into place, so you should watch out for that sign. You have checked that your AirPods are connected properly, but they are still not charging. Move on to the next method to try.

3. Clean the AirPods

There might be some dirt blocking the connection points between the AirPods and the case ports. Try cleaning the AirPods gently to remove dirt, then reinsert them into the case and see if they charge.

4. Examine the AirPods for any openings

Check to see if there are any gaps in your AirPods, because if they are broken, they may be damaged. Another thing you should check is if there is water in the Airpods.

Your AirPods are not water-proof and can be damaged when liquid gets into them, so you should check if that is so.

5. Update your AirPods’ firmware

If you have not connected your Airpods to a device for a while, then it is possible you missed a firmware update. This is common if you haven’t used your AirPods in a while, but don’t worry; simply follow the steps below to determine what firmware version your AirPods are running and to update the firmware.

  1. First, connect the AirPods to your iPhone.
  2. From your iPhone’s settings app, go to Bluetooth.
  3. Tap on the i icon next to your AirPods.
  4. Finally, scroll down to the About section and check if the version corresponds with the latest firmware release.

There is no dedicated button to update AirPods’ firmware. This is because firmware is updated automatically as the devices are connected.

The firmware update is not really a fix, but if you have tried the methods above and your AirPods are not charging, then the problem is more likely to be with the AirPods case.

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Why is my Airpods Case Not Charging?

If you have noticed that your Airpods case is not charging, then you can follow one of the methods below to fix the problem.

1. Check your connections

It is possible that you might not have connected the charging cable properly. If you’re using a wired connection to charge the case, If you’re using a wireless connection to charge, make sure the case is making good contact with the wireless charger.

2. Check the Charging Cable

Most times, the issue might be from your charging cable. Whether you’re using a recommended Apple charging cable or a third-party cable, follow the steps below to confirm if your charging cable is the culprit.

Get another device, preferably your iPhone or iPad, and plug your cable into it. If it powers your phone, then there is nothing wrong with it.

3. Check Your Power Outlet

You need to make sure the outlet you connected your charger to works, or is turned on. You can follow the steps above by connecting the cable to another device and using the same outlet to see if it charges.

If the other device doesn’t also charge, then you should consider using another power outlet.

4.Check Your Wireless Charging Base

You should make sure your AirPods are compatible with wireless charging technology. You can only use a wireless charging base to charge either the 2nd Generation AirPods or AirPods Pro. These are the only two versions that support wireless charging.

If your AirPods support wireless charging, then make sure you have placed your AirPod’s case on the wireless charging mat with the status light facing up. You’ll know if it is actually charging if it blinks on and off while charging.

If you have tried to charge your AirPods with a wireless charging base and it didn’t work, then you should consider using the Lightning to USB cable that came with your case, just to be sure.

Why is my Right AirPod Not Charging?

Do you also face the problem of only one of your AirPods charging while the other doesn’t? Here are some solutions that can fix this problem.

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Boost the Case Battery Level

When your charging case has a low battery level, then one AirPod can stop charging because the power is not sufficient for both AirPods. This can happen when the case is less than 10%.

All you need to do is charge your case and increase the battery level, and both AirPods should charge perfectly.

Remove and reinsert the AirPods

Again, check if the AirPod in question is connected to the case properly. You should remove it and reinsert it properly into the case. It will charge as long as the case’s battery level is high.

Other steps to follow when one AirPod is not charging:

  • Clean the AirPod.
  • Clean the particular port of the charging case.

Final Words

We hope this article has fully covered the best ways to fix the AirPods not charging issues. Most of the time, you just have to do things more calmly to get the best results. We’d like to know which of these methods fixed the issue for you.


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