Can You Charge AirPods with a 20W Charger? Answered

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Most people who have misplaced their AirPods charger might be wondering if a 20W charger will change their AirPods.

This is mostly because they already have the 20W USB charger, which is meant for the iPhone.

Can You Charge AirPods with a 20w Charger? Yes, you can use a 20W charger to charge AirPods without facing any problems.

This is because the AirPods case will only consume the amount of power that is required for it to charge instead of using the entire 20W of the charger.

You should not experience any difficulties charging your AirPods with a 20w charger, as long as the charger is manufactured by Apple. I’ll be providing more information about how a 20W charger affects your AirPods in the coming sections.

Will iPhone Chargers Work on AirPods?

Yes, iPhone chargers will work on AirPods since they are from the same manufacturer. The difference between your AirPods charger and iPhone charger is the watt difference.

While iPhone chargers are built with 20W of capacity, the AirPods charge at a maximum of 5W, so connecting the case to an iPhone charger will not make it charge faster.

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So, this also means that your AirPods cannot overcharge, even if they are left plugged in overnight.

But if battery-powered devices like the AirPods are charged over time, the batteries degrade naturally. This is not an issue since it happens naturally as the device ages.

Can AirPods Charge Wirelessly?

First, you should note that AirPods come in different generations, like 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Each of these generations represents how the AirPods have evolved over time.

Except for the first generation, all AirPods can be charged wirelessly. These are the original AirPods from 2016, but this has long been fixed.

AirPods gen 1 users can now charge wireless when they purchase Apple’s wireless charging case separately. This case will work with both 1st and 2nd generation AirPods without the wireless charging feature.

Conclusion: All generations of AirPods charge wirelessly, including the original AirPods gen 1, if you purchase a wireless charging case separately.

How to know if an AirPods Case is Charging Wirelessly

If you own an AirPods case with the wireless charging feature, you can easily tell if it is charging or not. If the AirPods are placed on the wireless charger, the LED light on the front of the case will light up.

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If you’re using third-party chargers that are not manufactured by Apple, you should be careful while using them with your AirPods because those types of chargers lack safety mechanisms that have been put in place by Apple.

AirPods Are Not Charging: How to Fix

If your AirPods are not charging, or maybe the AirPods case is not charging, there are different factors to consider.

These factors can range from software issues to minor issues like the AirPods not connecting properly with the charging case.

You can read the complete guide, How to Fix AirPods That Won’t Charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will AirPods charge without the charging case?

Yes, the AirPods have to be in the charging case before they can charge. The case is meant to serve that purpose, and there is no alternative method to charge AirPods without the charging case.

How many hours can I charge my AirPods?

The battery behavior of your AirPods depends on your model. On average, AirPods take 20 minutes to charge in their case. But the AirPod case itself will require more time to be fully charged.

Your AirPods have been programmed to stop drawing current once the battery is fully charged. So, your AirPods won’t be affected if they are charged for up to 24 hours.

How do I check my AirPods battery percentage?

You can check your AirPods battery percentage in a number of ways. The first is to add the Batteries widget to your Apple smart devices and turn on Bluetooth.

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You can also ask Siri, “What’s the battery life of my AirPods?” and you’ll get a response about your battery life.


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