How to Connect Hisense Roku TV to Wi-Fi (In Seconds!)

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In this guide, you’ll learn how to connect Hisense Roku TV to Wi-Fi and also what to do when you experience issues connecting to your network.

Smart TVs like Hisense Roku TV need internet access if you want to enjoy their full functionality, like streaming, installing apps, and software updates.

There are two ways to connect your Hisense Roku TV to the internet. The first option is through a wired connection, while the second option is through a wireless connection.

You can connect your Hisense Roku TV to Wi-Fi by going to the network section on your TV’s settings menu. You can also get connected to the internet via the Ethernet port on your TV.

How to Connect Your Hisense Roku TV to Wi-Fi

How to Connect Hisense Roku TV to Wi-Fi

Follow the steps below to connect a Hisense TV to a Wi-Fi network.

  1. First, turn on your TV and press the HOME button on the remote.
  2. Next, select the “Settings” option and choose “Network.”
  3. Select the “Network Configuration” option and pick “Wireless.”
  4. Finally, choose your Wi-Fi network from the list and enter your password.

That’s all. Your TV should now be connected to the Wi-Fi network.

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If you’re still having issues connecting wirelessly, I have provided some troubleshooting guides below, but before that, let’s also learn how to connect your TV to the internet using a wired connection.

How to Connect a Hisense TV to an Ethernet Cable

If you’re having trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi, try connecting the device to the internet via an Ethernet cable.

Before you get started with these steps, you’ll need an Ethernet cable that is compatible with the port on your router and TV.

Follow the steps below to establish a wired network connection.

  1. First, locate the Ethernet (LAN) port on your Hisense Roku TV.
  2. Next, plug in one end of your Ethernet (LAN) cable to your internet router and the other end to the TV.
  3. Now, using your remote, press the HOME button to access your TV settings.
  4. Select the “Network” section and go to the “Network Configurations” option.
  5. Finally, select LAN and follow the on-screen instructions.

My Hisense Roku TV Won’t Connect to the Internet. What Should I Do?

If your TV won’t connect to the internet even after following the steps above, there are different factors to consider.

You can fix these connection issues by closing the gap between your router and the TV, rechecking your Wi-Fi password to make sure it is correct, or clearing your network cache.

Check the Wi-Fi Password

The most common reason why your TV is not connecting to your network is due to a wrong password being entered. If your Wi-Fi is password protected, as it should be, you’ll need the correct password to connect it to devices like your TV.

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If you’ve connected your Wi-Fi network to a Windows laptop or desktop PC, you can check your password by following the steps below.

  1. First, right-click on the wireless network icon in the taskbar and select “Open Network and Sharing Center” or “Open Network and Internet Settings.”
  2. Next, click on “Change adapter settings.”Check Wi-Fi password on windows
  3. From the next window, double-click the wireless adapter.Check Wi-Fi password on windows
  4. Click on the “Wireless Properties” button.Check Wi-Fi password on windows
  5. Finally, click the “Security” tab and enable the “Show characters” checkbox under the network security key field. This will reveal your hidden password.How to Connect Hisense Roku TV to Wi-Fi

Confirm that the password is correct and try to connect to the TV again.

Move the Router Closer

Another issue that can cause your Wi-Fi to not connect to your TV is the distance between both devices. You’ll need to move the router closer to the TV and then retry.

This is mostly the reason why you might not see your Wi-Fi name on the list of available wireless networks to connect to the TV.

Reset your Hisense Roku TV

Performing a reset on your Hisense Roku TV can clear all the cached data, and this can also restore your TV to its factory settings depending on the type of reset you have performed.

You can choose to perform a hard factory reset or a soft reset on your TV. I have a guide on how to perform both soft and hard resets on your Hisense Roku TV.

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Final Thoughts

At this point, you now know how to connect Hisense Roku TV to Wi-Fi and also an Ethernet (LAN) cable. The connection should be completed in seconds if you have followed the steps mentioned in the guide.


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