How to Know if Someone’s Phone Died: Steps to Follow

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In this guide, you will learn how to know if someone’s phone died, so you’ll be able to tell when they are avoiding your calls or unavailable.

It can be very frustrating to call a phone that is switched off, especially if the intent of the call is very urgent. In most cases, their phone might not actually be off or dead.

This can be because of other factors which we’ll be discussing in this article.

How to Know if Someone’s Phone Died

Go through the list of methods to know if someone’s phone died.

1. The Phone Rings Once and Goes to Voicemail

If the phone rings once and then goes into voicemail or hangs up, then that’s definitely a sign that it’s dead or out of network coverage. Some internet service providers will let you know when a phone is switched off by saying, “The mobile phone you are trying to call is switched off.”

2. Check their last seen on social media

Another best way to know if has died, or is switched off is to check if they are active on social media. If you have connected with them before on social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, you can check the last time they were online.

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Although most social media platforms have made it possible to hide the active status, it becomes very hard to know if they’re active or not.

3. Send them an iMessage

This method works perfectly for iPhone users. The iMessage app has a “delivered” feature that shows up if your message was successfully delivered to the recipient’s iPhone. You can send them an iMessage and if you get the “delivered” status, then their phone is definitely not dead.

If the status is “not delivered,” then that can mean that they are unreachable. Although, if the recipient is not using an iPhone, or doesn’t have iMessage enabled on their device, you’ll not get the delivered status. To understand more about the delivered status on your iPhone, you can check out this article, Will iMessage Say Delivered If Blocked?

4. You’ll Hear A Beeping Sound

Most of the time, you’ll hear a beeping sound if the phone you’re calling is switched off or unreachable. This depends on your carrier’s default output for when the phone you’re calling is dead.

5. The call is being forwarded

If your calls are being forwarded, there are different factors to consider and the phone being switched off is one of them. Although, in some cases calls being forwarded can mean that the number was blocked by the recipient.

Whichever the case may be, you can confirm it with the next method.

6. Try calling them with another phone

If you feel that the issue is with your phone, or if you suspect that you have been blocked, the best way to confirm this is to call them from a different phone.

If it goes through, then the issue is definitely from your phone, but if it still doesn’t connect, then the phone might have been switched off.

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7. Contact to their family or friends

This will only be possible if they stay close to the family or friends so they can check in on why they have been unreachable. This will be your last option if you’re trying to inform them of something urgent.

Other reasons why someone’s phone may be unreachable

If someone’s phone is unavailable, that doesn’t only mean that it is switched off or dead. There are other factors that can be the cause.

1. The phone has no service

It is possible that the phone is out of coverage. If this is the case, then there is no need to worry as their phone will still be available after some time. But if they have been disconnected by the service provider, then it’ll be until they have resolved this issue.

2. You were blocked

This is possible, especially if the issue has been going on for a long time. As we mentioned above, in one of the methods on how to know if someone’s phone died, you can use another phone to call and find out if you were blocked.

3. You called the wrong phone

There is definitely a possibility that you have called the wrong contact, especially if you’re sure that the other person’s device is not off or dead. You can recheck the contact just to make sure.

The Phone Rang, but they didn’t Answer?

If the phone rings but they don’t answer it, then there can be different reasons why this is so.

1. The phone is on Do Not Disturb

It could be possible that Do Not Disturb mode is enabled on their phone. This can mean that they are busy and do not want to be disturbed at the moment.

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Do Not Disturb mode hides all notifications, including incoming calls, but depending on the settings, users are always aware that there is an incoming call.

2. The person is ignoring your calls

It can also mean that the person does not want to speak with you at the moment. In this case, the person is choosing to ignore the call. Although this may not always be the case.

The person might not be close enough to their phone to answer your calls at that particular time.

Final Words

We hope you have learnt the methods to know if Someone’s phone died or is switched off. If you enjoyed this article, your friends might too!


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