How to Make Money as a Teenager Without a Job Online

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In this guide, we will be exploring some ways to make money as a teenager without a job online. As a teen, finding time to work while going to school can be almost nearly impossible because, at that age, teenagers are always occupied with different activities and social life.

There are some online jobs for teens and college students who want to make money online. These jobs are not the regular jobs of working under an individual or being paid per hour for physical work.

The reason why online jobs for teens are becoming so popular is because they don’t require much physical work, and the majority of these jobs are done online with a mobile phone or PC. Check out this list of great online jobs that any teen can try!

1. Online Surveys

We will be starting with one of the most popular means of making some extra money online. Taking surveys for money is all about giving your opinion and getting paid for it.

When going through the list of online jobs for teens, this is one of those options that doesn’t require much time, but requires patience. Most survey companies will pay you in cash or gift cards.

Check out this article for 5 popular survey sites online.


2. Review Music

Music fans can take advantage of their love for music by getting paid for listening to tunes.

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One such platform is Slice the Pie, which will pay teens in cash for sharing honest reviews of new music and upcoming TV shows. That’s not all! Teenagers get the option to choose the kind of shows and music they want to review.

Get started with Slice the Pie


3. Start a Blog

Even as a teen, you can make money from your passion or skill by starting a blog where you can share your passion and earn from it.

You can start a blog for less than $10 a month and still make more than $100 in return from ad placements like Google Adsense. We’ll recommend this option because it can turn into a full-time career with time.

You can check out this article on How to Create a Blog and Make Money Online.


4. Become an Online Tutor

You can make some money online as a smart teen by joining online tutoring jobs. This is a sure way to showcase your academic abilities by providing math and grammar lessons for fellow students.

One such platform to give online tutors as a teen and get paid is


5. Get Paid to Talk

Teens who want to take advantage of just talking can find jobs online as voiceover artists. There are companies like Microsoft, Shopify, GoDaddy, and Hulu that have worked with on a variety of projects.


6. Create an Online Course

Teens can make money online by creating an online course. This is a sure way of building a passive income when they set up shop online for their courses.

One of the best platforms for teens to share their online courses is Teachable. This is because the site allows kids as young as 13 if they have parental consent.


7. Take Notes

Taking notes is a skill, and teens can use this to their advantage by turning them into study guides with StudySoup.

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8. Sell Stock Photos

If your teen has a passion or skill for taking great photos, they can make money from it by selling those stock photos online on different platforms that offer stock photos.

This option is still one of the best online jobs for your teen because it requires very little work.


9. Begin a Vlogging Career

Teens are taking over this industry on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Tiktok. This is because these platforms allow teens to create their own channels to share videos, and in return, they get paid when other users view these videos.

They can start with just a smartphone and a small space, and with time, they can upgrade to better equipment when the channel starts earning money.


10. Become a Freelancer

Everyone, including teens, can start a freelance career on platforms like and make passive income from helping people solve their problems. This opportunity is available for teens from age 16 and up who are looking for graphic design, web design, and coding jobs online.


11. Get Paid to Play Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that isn’t violent or difficult to learn and is typically recommended for ages 8 and up. Do you know you can get paid to set up a Minecraft server, configure plugins, or build an impressive sculpture or building in Minecraft? Yes, teens can create an account on Fiverr and sell their expertise to players around the globe.


12. Design T-Shirts

Teens can design T-shirts and set their own prices for each item, and one place to start is CafePress. This option has huge potential for a successful future in material designs.


13. Write an eBook

This is another way to share your skills by writing fictional stories or helpful “how-to” eBooks. Although it might not be hard to write an eBook, teens will probably need help proofreading the content for errors and also coming up with an attractive cover image. eBooks can be sold with the Amazon Kindle.

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These online jobs for teens do not require any previous working experience. What you will need to get started with some options on the list is talent, skill, or passion.

Some options, like blogging, vlogging, and freelancing, can quickly scale up to a full-time income for teens during the summer months or after graduation.


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