How to Solve Temporary Ad Serving Limit Placed On Google Adsense

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In this article, you will learn how to solve temporary ad serving limit placed on your Google Adsense account.

Google Adsense is one of the most popular means of monetizing your website with display ads, and users often face the problem of ad serving limit. We’ll guide you through the process of fixing your ad serving limit by applying a method that has proven to work 100% after 14 days.

What is ad serving limits?

Ad serving limits essentially mean that your monetization efforts are limited, and you will not be able to reach your full ad revenue potential through AdSense for a period of time. Simply put, the limit restricts the number of ads that your AdSense account can show.

Here are some of the various warnings that can appear in your account:

  • “The number of ads you can show has been limited”
  • “Ad serving is limited. The number of ads you can show has been limited”
  • “Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense account”
  • “Ad serving is currently limited. Review the issue details and see recommendations about what you can do next”
  • “Temporary ad serving limit placed on your AdSense account”
How to Solve Temporary Ad Serving Limit Placed On Your Google Adsense {100% Working}

But before we proceed, let’s understand the two types of ad serving limits.

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Types of ad serving limits

1. Account being assessed

This limit occurs when AdSense is trying to access your traffic quality. Adsense will automatically review and update the limit after much information have been gotten about your traffic.

2. Invalid traffic concerns

This is a very similar situation to the above mentioned type. In this case, your account is being limited because Google’s systems have detected some invalid traffic concerns on your website.

This limit will automatically be reviewed and updated as they find more information on your traffic quality. Google Adsense limits can last up to 30 days, but I was able to get mine cleared after a period of 14 days by just doing a few things which will be shared in this guide.

How to solve your AdSense ads serving limit

Before I share the steps I took to fix the Adsense limit warning on my account, I will be sharing a few things you need to do immediately you notice this warning on your account.

1. Check your traffic sources

One of the first things you will need to do is check your website traffic sources. You need to make sure your traffic is now humans and are significant.

One of the best ways to do this is with tools like Google analytics there are other tools, but you need to be on the lookout for platforms that allow you to check traffic sources. While reviewing your traffic sources you should check if your traffic are organic (from search engine like Google) or social (from social media platforms like facebook and twitter.)

If you have more of social traffic, then you need to improve your organic traffic. Like in my case, I noticed an increase in social traffic.

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2. Check your ad placements

You need to take note of where you place ads on your website in order to avoid accidental clicks which are a common source of invalid traffic. While placing ads you need make sure you have enough space between ads and other clickable elements on your webpages.

3. Check what you limit warning says

You need to know the type of limit which was placed on your account by checking the AdSense policy centre. I got the “Invalid traffic concerns” and this will determine the things you need to lookout for while trying to solve the limit.

How I solved my temporary ad serving limit

While my Adsense account was limited, I was able to get my account back on track after applying some changes to my website. Below a some of the things I have tried that worked 100% within 14 days.

How to Solve Temporary Ad Serving Limit

1. Review Traffic

As stated above, you need to take note of your traffic sources because traffic from social platform are mostly untraceable and could be bot traffic. To be on a safe side, your organic traffic from search engines should be the highest.

2. Remove some ad codes

I removed the ad codes on my entire blog except one below articles and between head tag. This is not compulsory but it helps it reduce the extra spaces on your website and make sure to backup your website in order to make it easier to recover your ads when .

3. Update Adsense head code

I updated the Adsense code which was added before the </head> tag of my website. You can get a new head code by going to your Adsense dashboard > Ads > Overview > Get code.

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4. Used Adsense feedback

one of the fastest ways of reaching out to the Adsense team is through the feedback button which is found on the Adsense side menu. You can write a short text explaining that a higher percentage of your traffic is organic and you need the limitations reviewed as soon as possible.

That’s all.

Final Thoughts

Adsense limits might not necessarily mean you have invalid traffic, a spike or reduction in traffic can also raise suspicion from Adsense. That been said, it all depends on your traffic and how users interact on your pages.



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