How to Stop Calls on iPhone Without Blocking (5 Ways)

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In this guide, you’ll learn how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking the caller.

Most of the time, you might not want to answer certain calls. Sometimes they might be unknown calls from spammers, while in other cases, you may not just want to answer the call, but you do not want to block them.

Well, there are ways to stop calls on iPhone without blocking the number.

The solutions to stopping calls without blocking on the iPhone are to use a silent ringtone, enable “Do Not Disturb” mode, allow calls from only favorites, create Custom Focus Mode, and also enable “Call Forwarding.”

We will provide a more detailed explanation of these solutions in the next section.

How to Stop Calls on iPhone Without Blocking (5 Ways)

1. Use a Silent Ringtone

The first method to stop calls on your iPhone without blocking the number is to use a silent ringtone. This means the call will still be received as usual, but it will not ring out, which means you can ignore it.

Follow the steps below to set a silent ringtone on your iPhone.

  1. First, open the Settings app.
  2. Next, go to Sound & Haptics.
  3. Now, choose Ringtone, and then head to Tone Store.
  4. Finally, search for “Silent Ringtone” using the search box and download the one you’d like to set as ringtone.

2. Enable “Do Not Disturb” Mode

You can silence incoming calls and notifications using the “Do Not Disturb” or DND mode on your iPhone. This way, the person will still be able to call, but their calls will be silenced on your phone.

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Follow the steps below to enable DND mode on your iPhone.

  1. First, open Control Center.
  2. Next, tap on the moon icon.
  3. Now, go to Settings, and then click on “Do Not Disturb.”
  4. From the Phone section, tap on “Allow Calls From”.
  5. Finally, select “No One”.

3. Allow Calls from Only Favorites

Instead of silencing all calls with the “Do Not Disturb” feature, you can allow only calls from favorites on iPhone. This means only the contacts in your favorites list will be allowed to ring, while other contacts are silent.

This is actually the best way to stop calls on iPhone without blocking the number. Follow the steps below to add contacts to your favorite list and allow calls from only that list.

Adding a Contact to Favorites on iPhone

  1. First, open the Phone app and tap on Favorites.
  2. From the top left of your screen, tap on the plus icon (+).
  3. Now, tap on any number from your contact list. Tap on Call and select a particular number.

That’s all. You can do this for multiple contacts.

Allowing Calls from only Favorites

  1. First, open the Settings app, and then tap on “Do Not Disturb.”
  2. Next, tap on “Allow Calls From” and select Favorites.
  3. Finally, enable the toggle for “Do Not Disturb.”

That’s all. You can also use the Control Center just like the previous method. After this, you’ll only get incoming calls from people you’ve added to the Favorites list.

4. Create Custom Focus Mode

You can stop calls on your iPhone without blocking the number by using the Focus Mode feature on your iPhone. This mode makes it possible to disable distracting apps, notifications, and calls without informing the caller.

The Focus mode is a more advanced Do Not Disturb mode that offers additional settings which include limiting notifications, alerts, and calls.

There are different modes like Personal Focus, Fitness Focus, Gaming Focus, and Driving Focus, and these modes do stop calls without blocking them.

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Follow the steps below to create a custom focus mode with your preferred options.

  1. First, go to your iPhone’s Settings app.
  2. Next, select “Focus” and tap on the “+” icon at the top right.
  3. From the options, select “Custom” Mode.
  4. Choose the color, name, and icon for your new Custom Focus Mode, and tap on “Next.”
  5. On the “Allowed People for Notification” page, tap on the ‘+ Add’ icon below “Allowed People”.
  6. Now select the people you want to receive calls from in your contacts by tapping on each contact.
  7. Finally, tap on “Done.”

After selecting the contacts you want to receive their calls from, the next step is to also select contacts you want their calls silenced without blocking them.

  1. Tap on the “Calls From” section, and select “No One” to stop all calls except those added to your Custom Focus. You can also select “Favorite” to allow calls from your Custom Focus and your favorites.
  2. Finally, tap on “Done.”

That’s all. All you have to do to stop calls without blocking them is to toggle on your Custom Focus Mode.

5. Enable “Call Forwarding”

You can stop calls with the call forwarding feature on your device. This allows you to forward incoming calls to another number.

Follow the steps below to enable call forwarding on your iPhone.

  1. First, go to your iPhone’s Settings app, and tap on “Phone.”
  2. Next, click on “Call Forwarding” below the “Calls” section.
  3. Now, toggle on “Call Forwarding” and proceed to set up the forwarding number by clicking “Forwarding To”.

You’ll notice that airplane mode is not on this list. Airplane mode can also stop calls, but it also turns off the Wi-Fi connection and cellular data, which is not cool.

How to Stop Calls From Unknown Phone Numbers

If you’re only looking for a means to stop numbers you have not saved in your contacts list from calling, then this section is for you.

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The iPhone has a feature that lets you silence unknown numbers. When this feature is activated, you won’t be notified of calls from unknown numbers ,but you’ll be able to see their missed calls in the Recent Call logs.

Follow the steps below to turn on the “Silence Unknown Numbers” feature on your iPhone.

  1. First, open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Next, tap on “Phone”.
  3. Now, turn on “Silence Unknown Callers”.

Final Words

At this point, you have learnt how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking. The iPhone has a lot of helpful features that give you more control over who calls you on your device.

Let us know which one of these methods worked best for you.


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