Is It Bad to Sleep With Airpods in Your Ears?

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Is it bad to sleep with airpods in your ears? Well, you must have heard different stories of how sleeping with an in-ear headphone could cause harm and discomfort, but Airpods are classified under full plastic earbuds.

Actually, it can be very hard to answer the question from everyone’s perspective because people have different reactions to certain things. Most people can use AirPods without incident, but this is largely dependent on their lifestyle and hygiene. There are definitely pros and cons to almost everything imaginable. So, can you sleep with AirPods in? Let’s go into detail on that matter.

Is It Bad to Sleep With Airpods in Your Ears?

There are different reasons why you would want to sleep with your Airpods in, and it can be safe when done properly. One thing that is certain, though, is that sleeping with wireless in-ear headphones like AirPods Pro is safer than sleeping with wired earphones of any kind.

This is because wired headphones come with long wires that can get entangled around your neck while you sleep. It won’t be advisable to fall asleep with a wired headphone beside you at all, it can be extremely dangerous.

The decision is this, having Airpods on while sleeping is neither “good” nor “bad.” It has to be a little of both, but with more focus on the “bad” aspects. Before you go ahead and use AirPods while sleeping at night, take a look at some potential dangers and side effects.

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Dangers and Side Effects of Sleeping With AirPods In

If there are benefits to sleeping with Airpods in, the dangers and side effects are greater, and these dangers should be expected if they are used for a prolonged time. Here are some of the dangers you might face:

Hygiene problems

If you leave AirPods in your ears for long hours, you may start to build wax, which can clog your ear canal and cause other serious problems. If you’ll be using AirPods every night, it would be advisable to clean your ears regularly to remove excess wax.

inflammation of the ear canal

Prolonged use of headphones can cause redness and swelling of the external ear canal, also known as Otitis Externa. This can happen when the skin around your ear canal starts to gradually deteriorate due to over-night sessions with your ears plugged in.

Hearing loss

Hearing loss can happen when you’re exposed to high sounds for a prolonged period of time, especially if you listen to music too loudly.

No external sounds

While sleeping with your Airpods in at night, you might not be able to hear important sounds, especially if you are on a high volume. If you don’t stay alone, you won’t know when someone knocks on the door or when the fire alarm goes off.

This can make matters worse, especially during emergencies. You can solve this problem by using just one ear.

Easy to Lose

Although, the Airpods are plugged into your ears, they are not glued in. This means they can get lost, and from experience, it won’t be easy to find them since they are very tiny.

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You can experience pain. If you sleep on your side, the Airpods push against the inside of your ear. This can also cause discomfort while sleeping.

Damage by liquid

Your Airpods can get damaged by liquids like water or sweat.

Benefits of Sleeping With AirPods in

You wouldn’t expect that benefits would be greater than risks, but nevertheless, there are still benefits. Here are some benefits of wearing Apple AirPods while you sleep.

Block External Disturbances

Don’t be confused: wearing AirPods at night can prevent external disturbances, which can be dangerous in an emergency, and it’s great for blocking out loud and unpleasant noises like traffic, construction, or discussions from the next room.


Most people feel that sleeping with AirPods can be relaxing, mainly because they love listening to calming, soothing music that makes it easier to fall asleep.

How to Sleep With AirPods In

Using Airpods at night can be safe if it is done properly. This is why we have listed out some practices that you can implement to be on the safe side with Airpods.


If you’re going to use Airpods for long hours, then you should make sure to have them cleaned regularly. You can use a moist towel and a dry one afterwards to make sure they are clean. You should also clean excess wax from your ears regularly.

Choose the Best Size

You should choose the Airpods that best fit your ears. You can always use the interchangeable rubber tips that come prepackaged with the Airpods Pro. The standard AirPods are the same size, though.

If you have a small ear, then you can go for the Apple AirPods Pro, which are also built with small ears in mind.

Play at Low Volume

When you listen to peaceful and soothing music, make sure to reduce the volume as low as possible. Listening to loud music while sleeping can be very dangerous.

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Have a Schedule

Instead of playing music for hours on end, make a sort of schedule with short breaks for when to listen with an earbud and when to stop.

Keep AirPods in a Case

Airpods come with a ventilated case that helps keep your Airpods free of moisture and bacterial buildup that can affect your health.

Final Words

We hope this article answers your question, “Is It Bad to Sleep With Airpods in Your Ears?”. At this point, you are now familiar with the dangers and benefits of using Airpods at night.


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