Vizio Soundbar Not Connecting to TV: How to Fix

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The purpose of a soundbar is to act as a high-quality audio system for your TV, which is a more affordable option than the home theater. Due to the size of the soundbar, it is easier to place it in areas with less space, which makes it even better since the size doesn’t affect its audio quality.

The issue of soundbars not connecting or not working with the TV is very common, but luckily you can fix these issues with some simple steps as long as they are not hardware-related.

If your Vizio Soundbar is not connecting with your TV, you should first make sure the connection through both devices is working. These connections can be with HDMI, RCA cable or even Bluetooth.

If you’re using a cable to connect both devices, make sure you connect to the specified ports and the correct input is selected on the soundbar.

If you’re experiencing other issues and your soundbar has no audio or intermittent audio, then I have provided more detailed information that explains how to fix connection issues on your Vizio soundbar in the next section.

Troubleshooting a Vizio Soundbar That is Not Connecting to a TV

There are ways to troubleshoot connection issues with your soundbar, and this section will cover the different steps to fix the problem and get both devices synced together.

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Check Cable Connections

Vizio soundbar not connecting with HDMI

The most common methods for connecting your soundbar to your TV are via HDMI or digital audio ports via an RCA cable.

If you’re using any of these cables to connect both devices, you should make sure they are properly connected to their specified ports.

What you should do is check the ports and make sure you have plugged in the cable the right way.

You should also make sure you have selected the correct input on your soundbar for the connection to work. These devices have input buttons on their remotes that you can use to change your input based on the cable connection you are using.

You should also check for any physical damages on the cable, and if any are found, it should be replaced immediately.

If you are connecting your Vizio soundbar to a Vizio TV with HDMI, make sure you are connecting the HDMI cable to the HDMI ARC (HDMI 1) port on the back of your TV.

Check Bluetooth Connection

Modern Vizio soundbar models can be connected to your TV with Bluetooth if both devices are paired correctly.

You’ll need to press and hold the Bluetooth button on the soundbar to enable pairing mode, and then from your TV, navigate to Bluetooth settings and connect to the soundbar.

The soundbar should play audio from your TV if it is connected successfully. The Bluetooth option will not work if your soundbar or TV doesn’t support Bluetooth connections, so you’ll need to make sure both devices are compatible with Bluetooth before trying to pair them.

Check TV and Soundbar Settings

Most of the time, after connecting a soundbar to your TV, you’ll need to adjust additional settings on the TV and soundbar for the connection to work perfectly.

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On the Soundbar

You’ll mainly need to change your input options depending on the method of connection you’re using.

If you have connected the soundbar to your TV with HDMI, then the input on your soundbar should be set to HDMI, and if you’re using an RCA cable, the input should be set to AUX.

This also applies to any other input sources available on the soundbar, like SPDIF.

On the TV

You’ll also need to make some changes to your TV’s audio settings, like changing the Audio Out option to Digital or Bitstream for cable connections.

These audio out settings are needed to fix the no audio or intermittent audio issues that you might face even after correctly connecting to your TV.

Check the Soundbar Power

You should make sure the soundbar is powered on. When your Vizio soundbar is turned on, a light will appear on either the left hand side or the center of the bar.

If there is no sign that the soundbar is on, you can try to reseat the power cord on the soundbar and power outlet.

Factory Reset The Soundbar

You can perform a factory reset on the soundbar to clear all the settings you have made and return it to its factory settings. This means you’ll have to reset every connection again, just like when you first purchased the device.

You’ll need to check your Vizio soundbar manual for the method to factory reset it since the method is not the same for all models.

Contact Vizio

If you have tried the troubleshooting tips above and the issue is not still fixed, you can contact Vizio customer support for assistance in situations where the device needs a repair.

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Final Thoughts

Most of the time, issues with your Vizio soundbar can be resolved by checking your connection to the TV.

In other cases, the problem might be that your volume is not high enough for you to hear the sound, which leaves you to assume that it doesn’t work.

You should check the TV to make sure the remote hasn’t been set to mute.


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