What Size Screws Are Used to Mount a Vizio TV? (Answered!)

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Most TV owners, like myself, prefer mounting their TVs to a wall, which is a good idea to save space.

When it comes to mounting your TV to a wall, the size of the TV is considered when selecting a screw size to work with.

This is the same with Vizio TVs. You need to use the appropriate screws for your TV’s size so as not to end up with a big mess on your hands.

So, what size screws are used to mount a Vizio TV? You’ll need an M4 to M8 type screw for the back of your TV, and then a VESA hole pattern of 3” x 3” to 16” x 16”, depending on your screen size.

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association, and they regulate the standards in TV designs. This means that the hole pattern and other designs on a TV are the same across different brands.

Before you can wall mount your Vizio TV, you need to check the VESA compatible pattern on the back of your TV. Here’s a list of screw sizes based on the size of your Vizio TV.

Screw Size Chart for Vizio TVs

What Size Screws Are Used to Mount a Vizio TV

Vizio TV Size VESA Size Screw Size
less than 19” 3” x 3” M4 (4 millimeters)
19 – 22” 4” x 4” M4 (4 millimeters)
23 – 29” 4” x 8” M4 (4 millimeters)
30 – 40” 8” x 8” M6 (6 millimeters)
greater than 40” 16” x 16” M8 (8 millimeters)
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The VESA hole pattern sizes are in inches, while the screw sizes are in millimeters.

From the chart above, the most commonly used are the 8M screws, since most home TVs are greater than 40 inches.

You shouldn’t have problems selecting a screw size for your Vizio TV’s wall mount since the Vizio TV wall mount comes with screws that are the appropriate size for your TV.

It is a good idea to consider your TV’s weight and size before mounting it. If you’re unsure about your TV’s size, you can always check your user manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Vizio TV be mounted?

Yes, basically any TV that is VESA-compatible can be mounted, and as long as the appropriate wall mount is used, everything should work out fine.

Are TV mounts Universal?

Yes, most TV mounts are universal, but you’ll still need to make sure they are compatible with your TV’s size, weight, and VESA pattern range.

Can I use my old wall mount for my new TV?

This depends on whether both TVs have the same weight, size, and VESA pattern range. The best way to find out if you can use the same mount is to measure the distances between the holes and compare the old TV’s size and weight with the new one.

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If the VESA pattern range is different, or if the size and weight are not also the same, then you’ll probably need a new TV wall mount.


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