Why is My LG TV Turning Off by Itself? How to Fix

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LG TVs are one of the best brands when it comes to color accuracy, display performance, and a variety of other features, but having the best TV brand does not eliminate certain issues, such as when your TV turns off without any command while streaming.

Why is my LG TV turning off by itself? If you have an LG TV that keeps turning off by itself, there are different things that can cause your TV to behave this way.

Most of the time, the fault might be from your cable connection or power outlet, while it can also be caused by some settings on your TV, like the auto power off and sleep timer settings.

You can stop your LG TV from automatically turning off by making sure your cables are snugly connected to the TV, the power outlet your TV is connected to isn’t faulty, and you have disabled settings like auto power off and timer settings.

In the following sections, I’ll go over the solutions mentioned above in greater detail, from the easiest to the most complex to perform.

How to Fix an LG TV that Keeps Turning Off by Itself

Follow the troubleshooting guides below to stop your LG TV from automatically turning off.

Check the Cable Connection

Why is My LG TV Turning Off by Itself

The first thing you should do when your LG TV turns off without any reason is to check the cable connection to the TV.

You’ll need to examine the power and HDMI cables on your TV and make sure that they are snugly connected. Look for any signs of a cable fault as well.

You can identify a faulty cable by physical examination for signs of opening or burn marks throughout both ends of the cable.

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If you have found out that a cable is faulty, the only solution will be to get it replaced with a new one.

Please make sure you’re not connected to a power source while checking your cables for faults.

Try Another Power Outlet

If your power cable is not damaged, then you should try connecting the TV to another power outlet since it is possible that the particular outlet you’re using might not be functioning properly.

If you don’t want to worry about moving your TV around, you can connect another device to the same outlet as your TV and see if it functions properly. If it does, then you’ll know that there is nothing wrong with that outlet, but if it doesn’t work, then you should get that outlet checked.

If you have connected your TV to a surge protector, you can try connecting other devices to the surge protector and see if they function properly. You can also connect the surge protector to other wall sockets to make sure it isn’t faulty.

Disable Auto Power-Off on LG TV

Smart TVs have built-in features like the auto power-off feature that enables your TV to turn off when it is not in use to save power.

This feature can backfire by turning the TV off at random if it thinks it is not being used.

You can turn off this feature on your LG TV. Here’s how.

  1. First, press the Home or Smart button on your remote.
  2. Next, go to Settings, and then select the General option.
  3. Finally, select Auto Power Off and turn the setting off.

That’s all. The settings might be different depending on your model. You can also turn off auto power-off from the energy saving option.

Disable the Power Off Timer Feature

Like most TVs, LG TVs have a variety of timer options like on time, off time, and sleep timer. The sleep timer functions in a similar way to the auto power-off feature that shuts down the TV after some time.

Go over your LG TV settings and make sure these options are turned off. Here’s how.

  1. First, press the Home or Smart key on the remote.
  2. Next, go to Settings, and then select Time.
  3. Finally, make sure on time, off time, and the sleep timer are set to off.
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Perform a Software Update

If you have followed the troubleshooting guide up to this point and your TV is still turning off by itself, then it might just be a fault of a software glitch.

You can fix software glitches by updating your system to a newer version.

Here’s how to perform a system update on your LG TV.

  1. First, press the Home or Smart button on the remote.
  2. Next, go to Settings, and then select All Settings.
  3. Select General, and go to About This TV.
  4. Finally, turn on “Allow automatic updates” and select “Check for updates.”

That’s all. If there is a new update, your system will find and install it, and then the TV will restart automatically.

Factory Reset your LG TV

A factory reset should revert all your TV’s settings to their factory default settings, and this can fix this issue if it is not related to the cable connection.

Note that all your signed in accounts and apps will be lost and you’ll have to start the setup process again just like on a new TV.

Here’s how to factory reset your LG TV.

  1. First, press the Home or Smart button on your remote.
  2. Next, select Settings, and then General.
  3. Finally, select Reset to initial settings and confirm the reset prompt.

That’s all. Your TV will automatically restart with the system’s factory settings.

Overheating LG TV

Overheating LG TV

If your LG TV is overheating, then that’s likely the reason why it keeps turning off by itself.

The downsides of overheating can range from sudden shut-down to permanent damage to your TV. Most of the time, overheating can be easily fixed by repositioning or cleaning the TV.

Here are some tips to stop your LG TV from overheating.

  • Make sure nothing is blocking the TV vents for proper ventilation. You should always clean the TV to remove dust.
  • Position your TV away from an external heat source, like portable heaters.
  • Provide some proper ventilation for your TV. Try to improve the overall airflow around your TV by using a fan or other cooling device.
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Contact Support

If you have followed every troubleshooting tip mentioned above and your TV still has this issue, then your final resort will be to contact LG Customer Support.

They’ll provide you with a technician who can take a look at your TV’s hardware like the motherboard and fix the issue.

Final Thoughts

At this point, you now know why your LG TV is turning off by itself and how to fix it. If you don’t have a remote control connected to your TV, you can use the LG ThinQ app to control your TV from an Android or iOS device.

Have you resolved this issue on your LG TV? I’d like to know the steps you took.


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