Will iMessage Say Delivered If Blocked?

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Will iMessage say delivered If blocked? You are probably curious to know what happens to the messages you send on iMessage after you have been blocked.

This article is here to help you understand if your messages to someone that you will show as “delivered,” or “failed.”

Will iMessage Say Delivered If Blocked?

When you send a message to someone that has blocked you on iMessage, it will not be delivered and you’ll not get a “delivered” status. Think of it as sending a message to someone who has blocked you on social media. They will not be sent and the person will not see your messages.

If you have sent a message to someone who has blocked you on iMessage, the status of your messages will show up as “Not Delivered”.

Why iMessage Said Delivered When Blocked?

It is very rare to get a delivered status if you send messages after you have been blocked on iMessage. If your messages still show up as “Delivered,” then it is likely one of these things occurred:

  • You were never blocked in the first place.
  • You sent the message before your account was blocked.
  • You were unblocked by the other user.
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In most cases, your messages can still fail to deliver even if the recipient didn’t block you on iMessage was blocked.

Why is my iMessage Not Delivered?

If you have sent a message on iMessage and you get the “not delivered” error status under the message, this means your message failed and was not sent.

You can resend the message again just to confirm if it was just a momentary error. If it was, then it should be delivered. But if you keep on getting the “not delivered” status, you can assume the recipient has blocked you.

Here are other reasons why iMessage is not delivered.

The phone has no service

Another reason why your messages are not being delivered might be because your iPhone has no service. This can happen if airplane mode is turned on.

If you have no service on your IPhone, but you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, your iMessages will be delivered.

The iPhone is off

iMessage will not deliver messages to an iPhone that is switched off because you need to be connected to the internet to send and receive iMessages. But the messages will be delivered as soon as the phone comes back on.

Will iMessage Say Delivered if “Do Not Disturb” is On?

Yes, your message status will be “Delivered” even if you have enabled Do Not Disturb mode. This is because Do Not Disturb mode only hides notifications from appearing on your screen.

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Will iMessages Turn Green When Blocked?

If your messages turn green, this does not mean that you are blocked. Your iMessages can only turn green when iMessage services are unavailable on the other user’s device.

This can mean that they have turned off their iMessage feature, or that they are using a non-iOS device. In this case, it will be an SMS, and iPhones will mark it as green.

Will iMessages Still Deliver After Being Unblocked by Someone?

No, those messages you sent while you were blocked will not be delivered even after you have been unblocked. But you can always resend those messages.

If you’re not sure if you have been unblocked, you can send a message and see if it delivers. If it does, then you have been unblocked.

How to Know When Someone Has Blocked You on iMessage

You can easily identify if the person you’re messaging has blocked you from the delivery status. Blocked messages will have a red exclamation point or some kind of warning sign that indicates that your messages were not delivered.

Another way to know when you’re blocked is by placing a call to them. If you are sent straight to voicemail, then it is possible you have been blocked.

It would be advisable to call the other person and find out from them if they have blocked you.

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Final Words

This article has answered the question, “Will iMessage Say Delivered If Blocked?”. You have also learnt that the “Not Delivered” can also appear even if you have not been blocked. If this article was helpful, you can also check out other iPhone tips and guides.


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